PNC Arena

Address: 1400 Edwards Mill Rd
Phone: (919) 861-2300
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  • NHL

    Survival Tip: The "Caniacs" are famous for their tail-gate parties. Go early and mingle with the fans in the PNC Arena parking lot.
  • Visit North Carolina

    Get ready to cheer with the "Caniacs", this arena is LOUD! Home of the 2006 Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes & the 2011 NHL All Star game, the RBC Center is one of the loudest arenas around.
  • Jarrett Campbell

    Go to the RBC Center and watch a Carolina Hurricanes game, an NCSU basketball game, or a concert/event.
  • @ExploreRaleigh

    Watch the Hurricanes win!!
  • Carolina Hurricanes

    A complete guide of ATM locations, food and beverage availability, and permitted smoking locations around PNC Arena is available.
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    Go Hurricanes!
  • Sports Authority

    It wasn't until 2006 that the state of North Carolina won its first professional sports championship, in the RBC Center, when the Hurricanes beat the Oilers for the Stanley Cup.
  • ESPN

    It was here in 2007 that Sidney Lowe defeated #3 UNC, the highest ranked opponent for a first-year head coach in NC State history. Lowe also pumped up the home fans by debuting a red sports jacket.
  • ESPN

    Rookie goalie Cam Ward hoisted the Conn Smythe Trophy here after beating the Oilers in a fierce game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. The Canes won 3-1, earning their first Cup in franchise history.
  • Chris C.

    Nothing better than seeing a 'Canes game at the RBC Center. :)
  • Keith Lunday

    $1 hot dogs! (on family nights)
  • Sean Spinks

    Watch a good game! Hopefully there will be a fight!
  • Carolina Hurricanes

    Visit one of the Eyes several locations for Canes gear: across from section 125 at the South entrance, a jersey store across from section 112, and kiosks on both the East and West sides of the arena.
  • Eddie Sautro

    great homemade bbq, amazing place to watch a Carolina Hurricanes Hockey game
  • Carolina Hurricanes

    Want to purchase tickets to a future Canes game? The Box Office is located on the South Side of PNC Arena, directly across from Carter Finley Stadium.
  • John Neal

    I love the Canes. Fantastic place to watch hockey!
  • North Carolina

    Raleigh, North Carolina PNC Arena home of the Carolina Huricanes NC's NHL Team Wolfpack Basketball Music venue and more
  • Phoenix ??????

    Woohoo! Let's go
  • Arthur???

    This is a great area with a great view of all the events. I would travel back in a heart beat.
  • Jonathan Beaird

    Let's see how many marriage proposals pop on the jumbo tron tonight
  • John $\(^o^)/$

    We set right on the play n see everything!
  • Coke Zero

    Order a Coke Zero from the concession stand. Real Coke taste, zero calories.
  • Len ???

    Rally for Raleigh!! Go Gomer Pyle!!
  • Carolina Hurricanes

    Have lower level or club level tickets? Visit the Natty Greenes Pubdeck located, between sections 110 and 114, for a variety of beer, wine, and Pub-style food.
  • Karlo Rodriguez

    go canes!
  • Maicon Pereira

    Very nice \o/
  • Rob Daviero

    Drink. Watch canes win. Repeat.
  • Cristo Leon

    Home Stadium for the Carolina Hurricanes
  • Mark Goods

    I have never been to a hockey game. I have to make it to a Canes game soon.
  • Mack

    It's cold on here! Lol!
  • Helen Heinlein

    Enjoy the game, great venue & fun. Better when Canes win.
  • HYPE

    Home of the only two teams you ever need to cheer for: the Wolfpack and the Hurricanes!
  • Jason Baxter

    If you're not drinking alcohol, get a free soda at the Budweiser "Good Sport" booth. Go in the main entrance and turn right, it's near section 127.

  • Margret Anne

    Get it together PNC Arena! We've been sitting in traffic to park longer than it took us to drive here from Chapel Hill! Just want to get inside!
  • Cassie Meyers Feldman

    Bring your cow bell!
  • nick snell

  • A Tim Bennett IU

    When yr here and on th west n south side, come to ' fire it up ' stand #130 for the best Burgars n Frys on tht side.. Say Hi to Greg n Brian. ..
  • Drew Beason

    Follow @HockeyFans24_7 for some great hockey news on twitter! The guy who runs it is a Canes fan! #LetsGoCanes
  • Charles Rogers

    The place for tailgating during hockey season! Go Canes!
  • Terry Carter

  • Mike Wulfbeer

    There really isn't one bad seat in the center. Was really well designed.
  • Bob Stocking

    See Greg at the Sausage Stop by Sec 304. Super guy and great service.
  • Ya Boy JJones

  • Mike Harten

    Make sure to stop by and check into the goat with your ticket stub for a special treat!!!
  • Sandy S

    Family Night & $1 Hotdogs
  • Derek Roessler

    Drink and yell.
  • Jason Ventresco

    Become a full season ticket holder and you can see this place in person.
  • Jenilee Andreola

    Club level is the way to go. Great view and you have the option to be waited on! Can't beat it! :)
  • Jason Ventresco

    New starting with the 2011-2012 season; the FANZONE is located in the upper goal zones of both ends of the arena. GO CANES!
  • Malachi Monteiro

    Don't pull the Goalie
  • Keith Lunday

    Take the red bus downtown after the game. It's free! #PepsiCaniacCoach
  • LaChance Jackson

    I love the $9.99 tickets!!!
  • Ian McGlynn

    Not a bad seat in the house!
  • Gary Fields

    If a center such as this has enough parking spaces to number in six thousands, it would make sense to have someone in place to direct traffic after an event. Nobody does!
  • Ken Updegrave

    Get the nachos at the Deck and a Foothills People's pPorter
  • Guilherme TimBeta

    Muito massa, show-de-bola!
  • The News & Observer

    Ice shows, concerts, the circus, the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes and NC State Men's Basketball are just a few of the Center's great events.
  • Debbie Griffith Brown

    Filled pretzels are awesome
  • Doug Holt

    It's ok some games. Quiet other games.
  • Ray Grunch

    Send those Yankees back past the mason Dixon line. The south will rise again.
  • Vanessa Ohlinger

    So if the red wings arnt playing can I root for the cains?
  • Bradley

    A Kool place
  • Renato ????? ?

    Linda essa arena e os jogos so emocionantes.
  • Sam Futch

    DO NOT TAKE 440!!! Just don't!!! Take Edwards mill road!
  • Chris Spencer

    Don't sit in section 126. This section never wins prizes or has t-shirts thrown by the Storm Squad.
  • Brian Ratledge

    The House that Gott Built!
  • Chris

    Best place to work
  • Linda Craft & Team REALTORS

    Best popcorn section 130
  • Linda Craft & Team REALTORS

    Natty Greene's - 100 section has a great selection of fresh made pub food
  • Joseph Ramos

    Apparently they play hockey here also. Go pack!
  • Donnie Norris

    Cheer the Canes on to victory!
  • Brad B

    Follow the red brick road!
  • Frank DeVoid

    Dont forget the razor shave
  • Bobby Paine

    8.00$ beer! Woohoo what a deal :/ FML lol supply n demand
  • Craig C

    Let's go, flyers!
  • M. Opaliski

    The NHL Skills Competition is pretty lame.
  • Lance Pickup

    If you like good beer, head to The Locker Room near section 109 for Foothills beer. Unfortunately it's the only place at the RBC center to get Foothills, but worth the walk.
  • Matt Kozlowski

    Marketplace 314 (behind section 314) has a great gourmet hot dog & panini
  • Joseph K
  • Joseph K
  • Steph Lopez

    Bangerz, such a fun show!!! :D
  • Jennifer Kemp Lanham

    Go canes from Annarose.
  • Triangle Real Estate Group

    Go Canes!!
  • Bo Bromhal

    The barbecue sandwich is the best deal going!
  • Morgan Merritt

    Not a bad section!! 107
  • Mike Harten

    Watching a canes home game? Stop by The Goat Bar afterwords with your ticket for a free treat!!!!
  • Shruti

    Popcorn is a great snack!
  • Robert D.

    Good for hockey, not for a rock concert
  • Robert D.

    Stadium needs a bit of work on facilities and customer service.... Yeah...
  • Natasha Wells

    Cash for parking.
  • Michelle Casey

    Carpool... Parking is WAY overpriced! $15 for hockey games, just paid $20 for a concert!
  • Chris King

    The BBQ nachos are killing it.
  • Joseph Dalton

    The Brat Stop downstairs is where it's at! Get it with onions and peppers! Oh and it's right across from the all natural ice cream!!!
  • Sarah ER

    Sitting 300 level is great for photos follow me on instagram @robin940 and twitter @raleighgirl0219 for pics
  • Jonathan V. Schneider

    What a beautiful venue, not a bad seat in the house
  • Jake Pulley

    Best hockey arena ever!
  • Michele Sironen

    Pickup a Canes Bingo at promo desk
  • Sandy Spooner

    Lets go Canes!
  • Sue Manganaro

    Great section to sit can see all the action at both ends of the ice! Go Canes!
  • Sue Manganaro

    Great seats! Center ice sideline premier. Go Canes!
  • Roger Meli

    Best seats in the upper zone are in section 303
  • John Neal

    Go Canes!! Beat the Flyers!!
  • Bill Travers

    Get the BBQ Nachos!
  • Rob Holeman

    Go canes!?
  • Linda Craft & Team REALTORS

    Let's go Canes!
  • Devin Duncan

    ??? it would be great if they could string together some wins!
  • Sam Futch

    Don't take the highway! It gets packed
  • Beverley Webber

    Great place!
  • Nick Manganaro

    Gotta cheer REALLY loud!
  • Kimberly Vazquez

    Go CANES!!"!!!!!
  • Rich Russell

    Always run up hurricane hill
  • Jean Rogers

    Lets Go Canes. Need Loud Crowd Tonight.
  • John Stille

    Lets go canes
  • Capt.Curt

    I would on behalf of my entire family like to thank the men and women serving our country as well as their families for their sacrifice. God bless you and protect you. May you all be home soon.
  • Gordon Keehn

    See Canes score, scream, repeat as needed!
  • Jess M

    Check out the Carving Stations. A huge amount of really good barbecue!
  • Karen

    Get here early to avoid traffic :-)
  • Ashley Williford

    Get to games early to beat the traffic
  • Dhyogo Beckermam

    Legal boa arena
  • Nikla Hart

    Section 117!! VV
  • A Noom Twenty

    Carolina Hurricanes Home Arena
  • Casey Jo

    Who knew southerners liked hockey?!?!
  • Karen

    Dress warm!! A scarf is crucial as it gets very cold
  • Valerie Schwartz

    Stop by the Locker Room (across from section 110) for a Foothills brew.
  • Linda Craft & Team REALTORS

  • Linda Craft & Team REALTORS

    Home of the Carolina Hurricanes and the NC State Wolfpack. So much fun and tons of parking!
  • Michael Procton

    Mezzanine tickets are absolutely the best bang for your buck.
  • Justin

    Get there early, security checks were slow and unsuccessful. I was able to sneak in a 5 Hour Energy Drink LIKE A BOSS
  • Kyle Hanlin

    Need tickets? Call Ticketmaster... 1-800-745-3000.
  • Maria Taylor

    The audio for empowerment is horrible! Get it together!
  • Gloria Lloyd

    Skip the circus - Ringling Bros. bears its baby elephants. Visit or for more information.
  • Jody Mease

    Oriental chicken wrap at the 'deck' is aawesome
  • Jeff S.

    Go Pack!!! Awesome concessions and tailgating
  • Paul Stevens

  • Paul Heaton

    Our season ticket seats.
  • Ricky Prosnit

    Eat before going...prices are crazy high
  • Tisha Patterson

    Wouldn't recommend floor seats.
  • michael bradley

    Always a blast!
  • Sean Canale

    @NHLCanes @rexhealthcare #rexheart #FreezeFrames
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