D. H. Hill Library

Address: 2 Broughton St.
Phone: (919) 515-3364
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Category: College Library
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  • Shelli Mayfield

    I end up here alot
  • Sara Bernardini

    You can print from a laptop by uploading your file to print.ncsu.edu to any printer you want
  • Joe Sevits

    Go to the circulation desk, check out an iPad. :D
  • Jay Patel

    Ate lunch here.
  • Kyle O'Donnell

    Try Surface in the technology sandbox.
  • Brad Kearsley

    its a library, there are a lot of books and computers here
  • kD DeShane

    Go upstairs to the Learning Commons and turn right. Once inside, sit down at first table of PCs to your right. Turn around, look above the "Medicine" bookstack and wave to the webcam! :o)
  • Alex Sanchez

    Move all the Lance Armstrong books to the fiction section.
  • Colleen Harris

    Get your books, coffee, interlibrary loan, and gaming on here!
  • Jose Jose Ole

    Hit the stax for faster interwebz
  • Wesley Jones

    If you like playing video games, GO HOME AND PLAY THEM. And if you really feel the need to do so in the Learning Commons, STOP MAKING SO MUCH NOISE.
  • Mary Chamblee

    3rd floor bookstacks is where it is
  • Kyle O'Donnell

    New Lenovo netbooks available at the circulation desk.
  • Alex Sanchez

    Too many books
  • April Barnes

    Most places get colder as the night goes on, so dress accordingly.
  • Chris Watts

    Reserve a room early so that you and your classmates can study together in peace
  • David Hiscoe

    Try wolfwalk on your mobile for ncsu history. m.lib.ncsu.edu.
  • Alexandra C

    Don't go here around 1130pm or you will be waiting in line for about an hour.
  • Kyle O'Donnell

    Try the Surface in the technology sandbox in the west wing!
  • Orion Pozo

    Check out the new Microsoft Surface in the Learning Commons.
  • The News & Observer

    Order a milkshake from the Creamery!
  • Zack Capets

    Shit gets weird after midnight...
  • Robert Pace

    Haha, watch out for the Craigslist creeps lurking around in the mens' bathrooms.....
  • Patricia Suarez

    Kill yourself
  • Zack Capets

    Come here to watch people do ridiculous shit in the name of productivity during exam time...
  • Matt Moore

    I would recommend reading the books.
  • Hayden Bauguess

    Seventh is the best
  • Ghazal R

    Where i take my books on dates. Wonderful place for us to spend some quality time together..
  • Qianqian Wang

    Cozy sofa in west wing
  • Katherine Troxler

    Take a summer course. Work in the reading room tables in the back. Quietest place you'll ever be.
  • Sara Bernardini

    Try to make the guard laugh... He never looks very happy
  • Orion Pozo

    Vist the Geoffrey Clifford Vietnam photographs exhibit on the 2nd floor east wing

    Ask the librarians at the reference desk about using www.nclive.org - Download & listen to audio books, stream PBS videos, read eBooks, & more for free!
  • Ken G

    I wrote my psychology paper, not very awesome though.
  • Sergio Chavez

    I sleep here a lot
  • Melissa M

    Nicole R. Is a grotsky biotch
  • Lois Bennett

    Try to get a desk with an outlet and a nearby beanbag.
  • Kenny Batts

    The EOS Linux and pc machines on the second floor by the window facing Hillsborough street.
  • Nirmala Raghunandan

    Grab a bean bag and take a quick nap!
  • Orion Pozo

    Sandwiches & salads now avail @ Hill of Beans & Creamery while Atrium under constructiin
  • Dan Venditti

    Can't seem to find the restricted section.
  • david smith

    There is an ATM with no fees in the entryway. Good for snagging quick cash for shopping/eating on Hillsborough. Yes, I just actually gave you a good tip.
  • Ellen

    Get a cubby by the window on the ninth floor for a cool view of the brickyard and the rest of campus.
  • Ankesh Madan

    Upstairs in the West Wing is a newly remodeled room with extremely comfortable lounging chairs. Also, since it's new, there's almost no one ever up there, which means it's a great place to study.
  • Zack Capets

    Hey everybody, come be the "first" person to stomp on the 100-foot sheet of bubble wrap that someone put in the learning commons...
  • Caitlin O'Neal

    What is with that rude guy at the checkout desk?! J or somethin...
  • Hayden Bauguess

    Second floor is this best
  • Jimmy Murray

    Awesome place to pick up books; hot, nerdy women; and books on hot, nerdy women.
  • Melissa M

    scanners are a hot commodity on Friday nights.
  • Brian Pugsley

    Grab a milkshake while studying from The Creamery. They even use NC State milk!
  • John Covil

    Hole up in a study cube on the top floor with a window looking on downtown at night for distracted studying.
  • Alex Ray

    Love the view of downtown Raleigh :-)
  • David Delgado Jr

    Go to the fourth floor and add a quote to the desk next to the stairs. Leave the date also.
  • nidhi

    play in the sandbox :-)
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