Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

Address: 328 W Morgan St
Phone: (919) 821-7401
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Category: Beer Garden
Check Ins: 40253


  • Will Gibbs

    Ask about the UFO club. Just for enjoying 200 unique and delicious beers you get Saucer immortalized with your own plate on the wall!
  • Jeff Mickel

    sign up for the UFO club!
  • Meg Crawford

    It is all about crisp October nights and the BIGGEST beer list in the Triangle! Be a hero and get a Saucer on the wall.
  • Kenneth Yowell

    Go join the UFO club and try your hand at tasting 200 different beers. At least you get a t-shirt for signing up. Tell them Ken sent ya!
  • Jason Shaw

    Pint nights and fire sales are $3 now, up from $2.75
  • Scott

    Get your Beerknurd membership!
  • Tom Simon

    it's all about the rare keg night on thursday's.
  • D Sawyer

    This place is awesome! Feels like a neighborhood bar in the middle of downtown. No pretense, just fun.
  • Metromix

    Huge beer selection makes it easy to find a new favorite. Ask about the UFO Club!
  • Tristan Dyer

    Try the Lion Stout
  • Deirdre Reid

    Damn, that's an amazing beer selection, and $3 pints on Monday!
  • Paul Chang

    Come thirsty. Great after-work spot especially on warm days.
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    Flippin sweet!
  • Stuart Kirk

    Young's Double Chocolate Stout on tap FTW.
  • Jason Hippert

    All NC Draught beer is $2.75 on Sundays.
  • T M

    UX trivia night with TriUPA
  • Home Sweet Beer

    Unforgettable experience for craft beer lovers: more than 240 beers, 100 on tap, nice staff, good food, pleasant outside area and, obviously, the UFO Club. Be loyal and become part of the history.
  • Carolina Nightlife: Raleigh

    GREAT MONDAY NIGHTS! Damn Near ALL Pints only $3, there are tons of beers to choose from, this place is always poppin on monday's.
  • Matt Lawing

    Love the beer selection!
  • Cassie Ferring

    Try the Hummingbird Water!!
  • Jess ?

    Hope and Mikayla are the best. They usually work the patio section.
  • Brad Roberts

    Best Pint Night!
  • David Deem

    Sit in Jessica's section, she is awesome. Hot and entertaining
  • Leighton Smith

    don't be lame when you come here....otherwise, I'll call you names.
  • Flying Saucer

    Check out Flying Saucer for lunch and have a beer... Your boss will never know.
  • Joshua-Isaac Joyner

    I take it that it's UNIVERSALLY known that you have to be 21 to eat here! Unless their food has deadly amounts of alcohol in it at 4:00 pm! Utter Bullshit lol
  • Ashton Smith

    When you order a salad, as for the Jalapeo dressing if you want a little spice.
  • Marla B

    Love Monday night Pint Night. Great beer selection and I enjoy a their 'hummingbird water' when I don't feel like drinking a beer.
  • Darwin Campa

    Foothills Seeing Double IPA is the most alcoholic Monday $2.75 pint nite special, at 9.5% ABV. It's also a damn good beer.
  • Andrew Blackburn

    One word(s): Rocket. Tots.
  • Billy Moore

    The stone IPA is by far the best draft here
  • Jose Jose Ole

    get drunk. ya dig?
  • Katherine Elliott

    Seriously the women bartenders are rude and slow. They don't get orders right and don't pay attention to their customers, even on a slow night, Sorry boys, Not worth it just for the outfits they wear.
  • Jeff Hunt

    Don't panic
  • Paige

    Try hummingbird water!
  • Adam Springs

    Check out the staff draft picks, not always the best beer, but they're usually worth checking out.
  • Elliot Peele

    Make sure to get here early for the Sunday Brunch buffet, it is quite picked over by 2:00.
  • Kevin Griffin

    Give madeline a great tip
  • Brian Torrence

    Good beer selection
  • Ken Kimber

    Free Sunday brunch for UFO club members, great way to recover from Saturday night
  • Daniel Barbour

    Take advantage of the Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti imperial stout while it's available (seasonal).
  • Nick Reinke

    At the computer, click "View Beers" and use the alphabetical list. It's much faster than using the Beer Finder screen.
  • Aaron Bockover

    A great place to poop!
  • Daniel Deaton

    Make sure to lock your doors when parking here. Someone stole my GPS and radar detector one night.
  • Brad Kearsley

    Go on mondays and order crazy foreign and domestic beers. I have had over 72 different beers at this place! cant ask for much else
  • Beau Corey

    Watch your pants.
  • Jim Herrick

    Amazing pretzels - best we've had on this continent, by far. Be sure to try all three dips (queso, spicy mustard, cream cheese and chive) the first time. Warning: Be careful with the mustard!!!
  • Shae' Sutton

    Try the soft pretzels with the queso sauce!
  • Ildar Sagdejev

    Wifi password: beerknurd
  • Joel Wallin

    Not a good place for liquor. I've got watered-down shots. Beer is great tho.
  • Angela Hollen

    Try the 1554!!! Delish
  • Kate Owens

    If you sit outside during the winter months, the heaters will certainly keep you warm. Enjoy!
  • Larz Robison

    Don't drop the soap!!!
  • Jason Burns

    Tuesday trivia + beer.
  • Frank S

    If you've got an iPhone, download iKnurd to track your UFO club progress!
  • Jeff Hunt

    Don't panic!
  • Kirwin Darney

    the jalapeno vinaigrette dressing is amazing. so good they should sell it by the gallon to take home.
  • Beltline Brew Tours

    Check out the Tri-Beer meetups on the third Thursday! Good times.
  • Adam

    Say hi to Madeline and tell her Adam said hi.
  • Hani Hanna

    Evans a douche
  • Eric Abrams

    Bratzel hands down the best thing on the menu. UFO club way to go love the beer selection
  • Meghan Hemingway

    Monday is pint night. Hummingbird water for the ladies!
  • Mike Aswell

    The Pretzels. My goodness, the pretzels.
  • Joseph Bradley

    Quinn is the best!
  • Zack Davenport

    Amazing selection of beers.
  • Diane

    The pizza is amazing and so are the pretzels with queso!
  • Valerie Schwartz

    My absolute favorite spot in Raleigh. Try the pretzels with spicy mustard and queso.
  • Megan Bahamonde

    Awesome place to have good beer! Even the bar food is good
  • Jordan Moore

    Knurd is drunk backwards.
  • Megan S

    Oberon is in!
  • Warren Engledove

    Brunch on sunday is awesome with $3 NC drafts
  • Alan Cohen

    Come for the beer. Stay for the beer.
  • Sarah Wainio

    You like good beer? Check out gheFlying Saucerfor the best selection in Raleigh. Their soft pretzel is a must have.
  • Dawn Strickland Williams

    Pint night on Wednesday. Great beer...keep the mug.
  • Jennie

    Spend $600, drink the beer you want and have some guy fashion you your own plate.
  • Alex Marsh

    If you are a UFO member, you can get the free sunday brunch at 12:00pm. Get their early, as the food goes quickly!
  • Sean Canale

    "glass night" - Maredsous belgian, ceramic goblet, $10
  • Craig T

    Best beer house in Raleigh!
  • John Bobo

    Mmmm BRATZEL!
  • Steven Ward

    Cool place....Good food....Not really too impressed with their draft list though. World of Beer at North Hills is better IMO
  • Andrew Wiseman

    The soft pretzels are amazing. You might think "how can a pretzel be that good?" But you would be wrong and they are fantastic
  • Nick DePaoli

    Yay Sierra Nevada!
  • McKinney Brown

    Toss your chicken tenders in BBQ sauce.
  • Lindsay Benedek

    The MOJO Cajun wings were really good. The specialty cocktails were very good .
  • Carmen Zepp

    Had an awful experience at the Flying Saucer today and won't be going back. Party of 10 people (but divided into at least five separate parties) waited over an hour and half for food. Won't go back.
  • Becky Urani

    Service sucks! Had empty glasses frb10 minutes!
  • Nate Smith

    $3 monday pints
  • Mike Cook

    If your flying around Raleigh and looking for a place to land, pop in and check out their huge selection of cold beer.
  • Peter Borbely

    Try the Carolina Strawberry Beer - #light #sweet #fruity
  • Brandelynn

    The waitresses are awesome and know what they're doing. Beer selection is amazing. :)
  • Matt Miles

    Awful service. Bad food.
  • Jason Kapps

    The women with these beautiful short ass skirts are slammin. Cheers
  • Grown Ass Bear

    Ladies love the humming bird water.
  • Cindy Bowling

    Build your own flight
  • Chesley T

    Drink beer. Eat food. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Korey Perkins

    Get the cheese fries THEY ROCK!!!
  • Julia Sears

    If you like wheat beer, try Blanche de Bruxelles
  • Jules O.

    large beer selection. only ~3% is impressive craft beer. skip the pint glass unless u dig drinking room temp beer w/in 5mins of it hitting the table. bartender is best guide, wait staff is clueless.
  • Michael White

    If you cannot find great beer hear, it's your own fault.
  • Andy Washburn

    Don't order a budweiser product or PBR. They have Good/Great beer here. Why would you do that?
  • Michelle

    Order the "Isa style" dry rub wings! They're not on the menu but they're delicious and specially made by one of their very own cooks.
  • Jessica Thompson

    One of the best bars in downtown Raleigh. Definitely join the UFO club for the full experience: it forces you to try new beers and get out of your comfort zone.
  • Jon Lee

    Great atmosphere and decor indoors and relaxing outside. Amazing beer selection from all around the world.
  • Jimmy Farrow

    They changed the Chicken Snack breading! Nooooo!
  • John Sullivan

    I'm in town for a convention & @ the end of the bar... Come say hello.. I don't bite
  • Melissa Roccos-Hooper

    Have any brat-- they are amazing! The hoseradish in the mustard is awesome!
  • Andrew Roman

    Drunk? Buzzed? Split an order of pretzels. They're delicious *and* they'll sober you up.
  • Derek Dukey

    Monday night is pint night. 90% of the beers on tap are $3.
  • ebie ??

    yes to the hummingbird water. perfectly sweet
  • TJ McDonald

    The red dog pints are amazing
  • Todd Buker

    LOTS of different beers, many on tap. The food is okay. Nice outdoor seating. And am I the only one who noticed the waitresses tend to be hot and wear skimpy plaid skirts?
  • Melissa Patzwaldt

    River Rocket: Salmon, Capers, Rye. Chocolate Truffle Beer :)
  • Warren Engledove

    Love the saucer, but never had great service here
  • Matt Moore

    Try the beer!
  • Jason M.

    Great beers... Try them all!
  • Nicci Claspell

    I wish the waitresses were friendlier
  • Steve Strom

    Anything from Bell's. That's what I'd order.
  • Jayme Herron

    Beer Cheese Soup, eat the bowl!
  • Keri Giordano

    They have gluten-free beer here!
  • Krista Biggs

    Hummingbird water kicks butt.
  • Erin Connors

    $3 NC drafts on Sundays yum
  • Sean Hommel

    If you like'll LOVe this place...great beers, friendly bartenders and good looking waitresses all day long to keep your eyes moving. ;)
  • Jimmy Farrow

    Okay...the Pork Belly sandwich here is ridiculous! Get on that!
  • Mallory B

    Best beer selection in the city. Maybe even the world.
  • Lauren Lansdowne

    Cant say enough good stuff about this place. Get the turkey sandwich with extra avacadoes and a Red Oak. YUM!!
  • Michael Erana

    Get the Beer and Cheese Soup - It's insanely good!
  • Brian R

    Try the Bells Oberon with a slice of orange, good summer drink.
  • Ian Boudreau

    The River Rocket sandwich is delicious, especially paired with the Saucer's excellent German potato salad.
  • Nhia Vang

    great place for beer.
  • Mike C.

    This place is the Best
  • Phil Taylor

    Best selection of beers in the triangle
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