the New Story Makers (Raleigh, NC New Story Hub)

Group Description

The New Story Makers-Raleigh meetup is inspired by the ideas and notions presented at the Findhorn New Story Summit 2014 , and other ideas pertaining to sustainability, worldchanging, earth and human healing.

This meetup is for people who are ready to open their hearts and minds, to take actions contributing to the new story for humanity: a story of human healing and well being, community sharing and thriving, earth healing and sustainability, and conscious innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Together we will share an open dialogue about how we--as individuals, parents, business leaders, volunteers, thought leaders, community----earth citizens--how WE can to contribute to the New Story in Raleigh and in our world. WE are people who are ready to summon the courage and creativity necessary to contribute to needed change towards a better world.

This is OUR group; spaceholding (group facilitating) shall rotate between group members as you feel comfortable.

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